Welcome to the NEW, ever changing, site for STC Bunch Chess Players.

Right now, the site is divided into 3 Main sections and of course This Home Page. After you have setup your account you will be able to see and get to add to the forums and read the thoughts of others. If you can think of forums you would like to have please let me know.

We are currently providing these forums:

1. Chess Talk

2. Tournament Talk

3. Meet and Greet

The STC Bunch has started playing once again on ICC (www.chessclub.com). We meet in channel 90, play in channel 232 (yenta bot) so Please join us for the popular Sunday Swiss Challenge, every Sunday at 1:00 PM server time (EST) for a 3 round 45 0 Swiss Event. Each week a random winner will be picked to receive a 1 month ICC Membership Extension.

As we re-build, we will also have “Special Events” from time to time, so share your ideas and requests with us here.

Thank you for joining us, and Thank You for your patience while I get this setup and working.